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Public sector ICT heads ‘keen on BYOD’

Public sector ICT directors are more keen to use bring your own device (BYOD) technology than their private sector counterparts but are more concerned about its security implications.

This is according to research by Vodafone, which talked to 300 business and 300 public sector leaders and IT directors about the changing role of digital departments. It uncovered a wide divergence in attitudes towards BYOD adoption.

According to the study, some 23 per cent of organisations do not currently enable staff to use their own devices for work, PublicTechnology.net reports.

While 80 per cent of public sector ICT directors expressed an interest in BYOD, 67 per cent of these who had not implemented the working practice cited security concerns as the reason behind their inaction.

In contrast, just 41 per cent of private sector ICT directors surveyed were interested in BYOD, and security concerns were a factor for only 47 per cent of those who had not adopted the technology.

The research also found that 74 per cent of public sector respondents identified supporting a wide range of devices as a priority, while the private sector figure was 56 per cent.

More than a third of non-IT directors believe their IT departments need to improve their communication techniques and collaborate more with other areas of the business.

Some 86 per cent of IT directors are reported as saying they need to consider the strategic and transformational role that technology plays within their organisation.

The study shows the changing role that IT departments are playing within businesses.

Jonathan Kini, enterprise commercial marketing director at Vodafone UK, said: “Far from being the problem child of old, IT departments are now absolutely critical to the growth and strategic direction of businesses in the UK.”

Last year, market analyst Gartner predicted a rapid proliferation in the use of BYOD, with half of organisations requiring their employees to supply their own device by 2017.

“BYOD strategies are the most radical change to the economics and the culture of client computing in business in decades,” said David Willis, vice-president and distinguished analyst at Gartner.

From: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/public-sector-ict-heads-keen-on-byod371.aspx

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