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Recovery testing ‘is critical to success’

When it comes to the modern world of business, there is no doubt that we are much more reliant on technology than was once the case.

We use it to communicate with colleagues and customers, transport goods and information across the world and make operations more efficient. One of these efficiencies comes from being able to store data electronically.

This prevents bosses from having to physically print out and file thousands of documents, saving space and improving green credentials. However, with this comes new concerns that, if neglected, could prove catastrophic.

Cyber hackers and equipment malfunctions in general can risk leaking sensitive and confidential information about a company, putting them at risk of fraud and data loss.

But help is at hand, with data recovery services and testing programs that can hold the key to putting your mind at rest.

Always back up hard drives

When a hard drive is corrupted, it can halt all of a business’s operations if they have not created a copy to fall back on. Keeping external hard drives can be a great way to store duplicate data, ensuring if the worst does occur, the firm can carry on trading.

Security software

Even with a back up hard drive, it is best practice to have protection against cyber fraud happening in the first place. There are a host of security programs on the market, offering defence against a range of different attacks.

However, these facilities often become outdated very quickly as the methods used by hackers develop, meaning firms must make sure they are constantly upgraded.

If you are not sure what the latest and most appropriate service for you circumstances is, don’t hesitate to contact the experts.

When looking for data recovery services, look for one with a track record of success. Ontrack Data Recovery services has 40,000 data recovery stories to tell every year.

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