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Reduce IT strain through efficient archiving

Businesses wishing to ensure their IT infrastructure operates at optimum efficiency should consider the importance of investment in proper data archiving systems and training.

A number of best practice tips have been published by Business2Community, with a focus on ensuring firms are getting the most from their IT networks, as well as pinpointing areas where improvements could be made.

Monitoring file storage environments to track what type of files are being created over time, how they are being archived and how often they are drawn upon is a good way for companies to ensure they have sufficient archiving capacity.

Meanwhile, examining ways to structure data more efficiently – especially when companies are creating large volumes of unstructured information – is also an excellent step towards increased efficiency.

Finally, firms should create a data retention policy to identify the most valuable information they handle. They should then ensure these files are effectively and regularly backed up, while also having the ability to restore them swiftly in the event of an emergency.

Do you know what data is stored on your company’s archives? Minimise risk by conducting a tape archive audit before archive tapes are recycled.

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