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Response plans to gain precedence as cyber threats escalate

A new report from Gartner argues that as cyber attacks grow in regularity and severity, many enterprises will shift their focus from prevention to response.

The research group forecast last week (February 24th) that by 2018, two-fifths (40 per cent) of large organisations will have introduced formal plans to address the potential fallout of a data breach.

It cited the December 2014 attack on Sony Pictures as a probable turning point, with the incident having caused chaos over leaked internal communications and the systematic deletion of much of the studio’s data.

According to Gartner analyst Paul Proctor, this should be seen as the prototypical “business disruption attack” – a data breach “with the express purpose of widespread business damage”.

“Servers may be taken down completely, data may be wiped and digital intellectual property may be released on the internet by attackers,” he continued.

As such, tomorrow’s enterprises will be pressured to balance preventative controls – such as firewalls, antivirus software and security information and event management – with response plans comprising damage control and data recovery.

“Entirely avoiding a compromise in a large complex enterprise is just not possible, so a new emphasis toward detect and respond approaches has been building for several years, as attack patterns and overwhelming evidence support that a compromise will occur,” Mr Proctor explained.

Shortly after the Sony Pictures data breach, Tenable Security’s Ron Gula also said that the incident should be interpreted as a sign of things to come.

Speaking to the Financial Times, he predicted that hackers will eventually shift gear and “move from exfiltration to pure destruction of data”.

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