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Rise in IT-related priorities for firms

Business leaders are seeking new ways to improve the prospect of their firms and many are now turning their attention to the benefits of introducing the latest IT systems to boost their bottom lines.

Data management in the modern business environment is not simply about ensuring client records are kept safe, secure and always on hand, the rise in the proliferation and accumulation of information over recent years has led to the inception of the term ‘big data’ – and this is something all companies now need to be aware of.

Leveraging insights from the information companies collect on a daily basis can help them to stay one step ahead of their competition and it is therefore no surprise that firms are now looking to IT departments to furnish staff with the best tools to help make this happen.

Research carried out by Gartner revealed that one-third (33 per cent) of chief executive officers (CEOs) now see growth in the currently improving financial environment as their top priority, and many are now turning to IT to help to do this.

Mark Raskino, vice president and Gartner fellow, commented: “IT-related issues, including mentions of digital, were also much more prominent this year with seven per cent of CEOs ranking IT as one of their top priorities.

“This supports a broader observation that CEOs are taking a higher personal interest in applying technology more aggressively in their firms. Technology talk points are becoming far more visible in CEO results presentations, investor calls and business press interviews.”

As a result, there is growing investment in the latest IT and technological developments, with front-office capabilities one of the most important areas in which businesses are now investing.

Mr Raskino noted that more than a decade of many company leaders believing IT was solely a commodity function for their firm has meant many have failed to grasp the overriding importance of a streamlined data management policy, but thankfully this is an issue that is being turned around in the majority of firms.

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