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‘Rising demand’ for tech skills

Businesses across the globe are increasingly seeking highly-qualified and enthusiastic individuals to bring new ideas to the realm of big data, cloud and mobile.

This is the view of Iain Gavin, UK managing director of Amazon Web Services, who stated in an interview for V3 that these three areas are witnessing some of the largest growth in investment among businesses looking to take a step ahead of their competition in the current financial environment and therefore getting the best members of staff in these positions is an increasing priority for many.

Big data in particular has been among the fastest growing areas of data management practice of recent years, as companies are now beginning to better understand the advantages that can be gained from the timely analysis and understanding of consumer data.

Mr Gavin added individuals seeking to get ahead in the profession are therefore now also embarking on greater amounts of training in order to improve their skills and make themselves more attractive to firms looking to fill these types of role.

He argued: “Individuals want more formalised training, such as how to design the technology. We’re seeing a particular demand, for instance, in how to provision the elasticity and flexibility of the cloud, and how to exploit these advantages.”

Indeed, many companies are now offering additional training to their in-house IT engineers in the creation of cloud applications, rather than bringing in outside contractors.

This is one area of data management infrastructure that offers a progressively wide array of benefits to businesses – ranging from increased flexibility to improved disaster recovery capabilities – and companies are therefore now investing in the skills needed to help rollout more cloud applications and offerings.

Finally, mobile continues to have an impressive impact on the business IT landscape, as the growing level of information leveraged from these devices means businesses need to be evermore astute in the analysis of the large quantities of data they receive.

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From: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/rising-demand-for-tech-skills917.aspx

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