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Server virtualisation growth continues in EMEA

The number of businesses embracing server virtualisation systems to bolster their data management capabilities is continuing to grow at a significant pace across the EMEA region – Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

New figures published by International Data Corporation (IDC) have shown an upturn in the proportion of new virtualised servers being shipped to companies across the region over recent months, rising to 33 per cent in Q1 2014 from 30 per cent in the final three months of last year.

Overall, virtualised server revenues increased annually by 14.2 per cent to $456.3 million (£275 million) during the last quarter, with western Europe continuing to lead the way in terms of server virtualisation adoption (33.8 per cent of server users now employ this type of IT infrastructure).

Andreas Olah, research analyst for enterprise server group at IDC EMEA, commented: “Many smaller businesses have already embraced these technologies and the virtualisation topic is maturing.

“This is evident from the fact that discussions in European organisations have moved on from initial approaches that focused mainly on hypervisor choice towards management and automation tools that let virtual machines move seamlessly between servers and even between clouds in a hybrid model.”

He added leading virtualised server vendors are increasingly pushing a holistic stack approach to infrastructure design, including the uptake of various tools and links to their own cloud offerings.

Moreover, despite the fact that many consumers were initially overwhelmed by the complexity and scale of virtualised offerings on the market, many now have a better understanding of the value benefits of fully integrated and managed virtualised server stacks from a single provider.

Economies of scale, increased flexibility and access to data are just some of the benefits businesses are now witnessing.

Mr Olah concluded a wider adoption of holistic server options is now therefore likely to be seen over the coming months and years.

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From: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/server-virtualisation-growth-continues-in-emea542.aspx

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