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Shellshock bug ‘worse than heartbleed’

A new bug said to be even more dangerous than Heartbleed has been discovered in a software component known as Bash, a part of many Linux operating systems and is also used in the Apple Mac.

The flaw, which has been dubbed Shellshock, is worse than Heartbleed because while the previously discovered bug could allow access some information, Shellshock allows direct access into a system for a hacker.

Speaking to the BBC, University of Surrey security expert Professor Alan Woodward explained: “Whereas something like Heartbleed was all about sniffing what was going on, this was about giving you direct access to the system.”

He added that the door is “wide open” to hackers to attack up to 500 million operating systems.

The Heartbleed bug affected fewer systems, as it was a flaw that only affected some versions of the Open SSL encryption system.

However, some sites with large usage were affected, such as Mumsnet, which has two million members.

From:: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/shellshock-bug-worse-than-heartbleed781.aspx

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