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Simple steps to safeguard data

Businesses will often require customer or client information to be stored long-term, but should they suffer a security beach this can result in the leak of sensitive information and both adverse reputational and financial implications.

There are steps companies can take to reduce the likelihood of these unwanted consequences though, and here are just a few data archiving protection measures businesses might like to consider.

Guillermo Lafuente, a security consultant at MWR InfoSecurity, told readers of IT Pro Portal how taking the time to anonymise sensitive consumer data before it is sent for storage can pay dividends in the event of a security breach, as this ensures any identifiers to specific individuals are removed.

Furthermore, businesses should also invest in encryption technology that can ensure that unless cyber criminals invest considerable resources of their own into unlocking data – or have a copy of the encryption key – they will be unable to recover any information from stolen files.

Do you know what data is stored on your company’s archives? Minimise risk by conducting a tape archive audit before archive tapes are recycled.

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