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Smarter management ‘key to improved data governance’

Businesses wishing to improve the manner in which they store and safeguard their data should look to intelligent information lifecycle management (ILM) to make processes both smoother and more secure.

Chris Hathaway, director at Soarsoft International, told IT Web how companies are handling increasingly large and complex data sets in the modern business world and while access to this information can provide considerable insights into consumer trends, it also means businesses now need to be far more efficient and discerning in their data management strategies.

Intelligent ILM should therefore form part of sensible data archiving practices, as this can be a critical tool in identifying the information that is most important for both daily business functions and big data analysis.

“In the past, the prevailing approach was to store all information indefinitely in the event that it was required sometime down the line,” Mr Hathaway argued. “However, hoarding data in this fashion, indiscriminately, beyond its usefulness and even beyond its required retention periods, is a costly exercise.”

Indeed, businesses could soon find their storage costs have ballooned to unsustainable levels if they do not take steps to filter the amount of information they are sending for storage.

Creating an actionable understanding of the day-to-day accumulation of data is essential to ensuring data volumes are kept to a manageable level, while this will also highlight the information that can have the greatest impact on overall productivity.

Removing unnecessary files and ensuring they are not archived for future analysis holds the key to this process. Indeed, the active sifting of data sets prior to long-term storage is essential for efficient archiving.

Structured data is therefore much more valuable to a business than unstructured, and this is an area where intelligent ILM can really help a business to save money and position itself for growth.

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