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State-sponsored cybercrime will rise in 2015, experts warn

Governments and businesses worldwide should brace themselves for a rise in state-sponsored and ideologically-motivated cyber attacks this year, according to industry experts.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal last week (December 31st), a number of IT security veterans warned that November’s Sony Pictures Entertainment hack – which has been attributed to North Korea – hints at what 2015 holds for the cyber world.

Eric Friedberg, the executive chairman of Stroz Friedberg, commented: “We’re getting to the point where hacktivists and state-sponsored groups … are committing attacks really on that border of cyber warfare.”

According to Brian Sartin, director of the RISK team at Verizon Enterprise Solutions, this will be accompanied by an increase in the number of types of cyber attack that organisations might be required to deal with.

He said that cybecriminals are no longer focusing on data theft alone, but also “extortion, data destruction … [and] distributed denial of service attacks”.

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From:: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/state-sponsored-cybercrime-will-rise-in-2015,-experts-warn629.aspx

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