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TalkTalk hack a wake-up call for UK businesses

Cyber security and business experts have urged enterprises and the government to do more to prevent data breaches in the wake of last week’s talkTalk hack.

The communications provider initially warned the personal details of as many as four million customers could have been lost in the incident, though it has since said fewer people were affected than originally thought.

However, the scale of the breach has led to industry bodies and security professionals to call for more to be done to keep firms safe from such attacks.

Senior corporate governance adviser at the Institute of Directors Oliver Parry said the police need to make cyber crime a top priority and “investigate theft of data just as they would theft of physical property”.

The organisation added that British businesses are “constantly” under attack, but the true scale of the problem is not appreciated as only the biggest incidents make media headlines.

Former home office minister Hazel Blears also described the TalkTalk breach as “a wake-up call” that should spark greater debate about whether tougher regulations are needed to protect the economy from these threats.

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