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Tech relationship changes for businesses

A new report has highlighted considerable changes that are set to take place between technology providers and chief information officers (CIOs) at businesses around the world over the coming years.

According to a poll of US-based CIOs carried out by Gartner ahead of the organisation’s Key Issues Facing IT Services Industry to Be Examined at Gartner Sourcing & Strategic Vendor Relationships Summits 2014 event, 70 per cent of CIOs expect to change their tech provider over the next two to three years.

Eric Rocco, managing vice president at Gartner, responded to the results, noting many service providers are struggling to keep pace with the levels of change being witnessed across companies’ data management infrastructure at present and this is leading to growing concerns that firms are not receiving the best deal.

“Market share will shift to service providers able to help clients respond to the business and IT opportunities and challenges that are overwhelming more than half of organisations today. Service providers need to convert this picture into an opportunity rather than a threat,” he commented.

Mr Rocco added tech providers that assist companies in leveraging the best use out of their IT infrastructure will stand the best chance of gaining new business, while those that do not could fall by the wayside.

Cloud-based infrastructure-as-a-service and business processes-as-a-service sectors were highlighted as the two of the fastest growing segments of the IT industry at present and it is likely that more businesses will shift to this model of data management over the coming years.

As a result, the main challenges facing tech providers in the current business environment lie in understanding how these systems can drive increased value for their clients and also how they can effectively articulate how their service will be of benefit to companies looking for a more flexible and personalised tech option.

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From: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/tech-relationship-changes-for-businesses778.aspx

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