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Top cloud security measures highlighted

Businesses across the globe are investing heavily in cloud IT infrastructure at present, but many firms continue to hold fears over data security when switching from more traditional data archiving and management strategies.

As a result, senior vice president of marketing at CipherCloud Paige Leidig has highlighted the main areas firms need to focus on in order to safeguard their sensitive information from falling into the hands of cyber criminals.

She told Tech Radar the first thing managers need to be aware of is developing an understanding of which data sets should be given greater emphasis in terms of their importance to a successful security strategy.

This means considering what sensitive information is stored in the cloud and what is kept safe elsewhere. This includes any data criminals would deem as high value, such as personally identifiable information, IP addresses, business logins, bank account details and PINs.

Companies need to ask themselves whether they are comfortable with these files being handled by an outside provider or whether it is better to keep all of this information in-house.

Failure to protect this sensitive information could result in serious consequences both for individuals and the business itself, meaning cloud users need to weigh up the pros and cons of the system when embarking on a new data management policy.

Secondly, Ms Leidig advises on the methods firms can employ to safeguard all information stored in the cloud, with the most important being the use of adequate and strong encryption.

Preventing accidental erasure of data should also be a priority, so ensuring backups, redundancies and data recovery policies are in place is also a must when investing in cloud infrastructure.

Overall, Ms Leidig concluded: “Moving to the cloud need not be complicated. An important element is for businesses to decide what data to put in the cloud – and then to encrypt it and retain the keys.”

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From: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/top-cloud-security-measures-highlighted330.aspx

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