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USB drive dangers revealed

Businesses need to remember the dangers posed through the use of unprotected USB drives, as these devices can spread malware across entire networks with relative ease.

Data recovery expert Jamie Forbush told KSL.com that the way these items are set up means they can bypass firewalls and other data protection systems if malware is written into their internal hardware.

This is a practice that has become increasingly commonplace in recent years and is something businesses can find it very hard to defend against.

“We’re talking about a piece of software versus a piece of hardware code. There’s nothing that antivirus can do to delete it or to take it and move it over into an area where it can’t be touched,” he stated.

As a result, businesses that utilise USB devices at present should be encouraged to phase out these practices in favour of secure file transfer systems, such as the cloud.

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From:: https://www.ontrack.com/uk/company/press-room/data-recovery-news/usb-drive-dangers-revealed940.aspx

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