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The evolution of storage part 2: Object storage and data recovery

In our previous blog post – The evolution of storage systems: Object, File or Block?- we explained how there is a need for a new storage concept for the ever-growing amount of big data. We showed how the traditional storage methods, File Storage and Block Storage can’t handle the growing amount of data and that the solution to this challenge is Object storage. But how does this new storage method …Read More

The evolution of storage systems part 1: Object, File or Block?

More data is transferred and generated globally than ever before. The analysts from IDC are expecting that by 2025 the global data sphere will grow to 163 zettabytes. That is an increase of more than 1000% from the 16.1 ZB of data in 2016. So how are companies storing all of this data? And which storage system is best for storing Big Data: File, Block or Object? Why has there …Read More

All-Flash Arrays: The future of data storage?

In the newfound age of big data, it is no wonder that there is an ever-increasing demand for better storage and speed. With the recent introduction of All-Flash Arrays to the market – selling themselves as the perfect solution to handle big data – and the falling prices of both Flash NAND chips and SSDs (solid state disks), a few questions have arisen about this newbie storage solution… What is …Read More