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Can you guess the data storage brands in our #CrypticData competition? [updated with more clues]

Can you solve the #CrypticData quiz?

We have compiled a list of data storage brands and vendors from which Kroll Ontrack has recovered data from over the years, and stuck them all into a cryptic seaside image (click on the image to make it larger).


Your challenge

There are 50 brands and vendors in the image above, each sell or create some type of data storage technology. They could be:

  • Hard drive or other data storage manufacturers
  • Operating systems
  • Platforms

Now, in order to keep things interesting, we have picked brands & vendors who are still in the market today, plus some who have gone the way of the dodo. In order to get started, we’ve given you the first five brands below – can you spot what their clues are in the image?

  • Ariel
  • Exabyte
  • Linux
  • Maxell
  • Viper

You’ll be able to find the remaining 45 brands somewhere on within these sources (some brands may be in more than one source):

Update – 31/08/2016

We’ve received some feedback that perhaps searching through seven different sources for clues to then find in an image is perhaps a little too time-consuming. So in order to make it quicker, but not too easy, we have listed 75 clues here in alphabetical order – 50 are in the cryptic image and 25 are red herrings. Good luck!

Ampex IBM Philips
Android Intel Quantum
Apacer Iomega Red hat
Apple iPad Rodime
Ariel iPhone RunCore
Buffalo Kingston Samsung
Citrix Kyocera SanDisk
Commodore 64 Lexar Seagate
Compaq LG SharePoint
Conner Linux Siemens
Dell Maxell Sony
EMC Maxstor StorageTek
Epson Micron SuperTalent
Evotek Micropolis Tandon
Exabyte Microsoft Windows TEAC
Excelstor Miniscribe Texas memory
Exchange Mitsubishi Toshiba
Freecom Mushkin Transcend
Fujitsu NEC Verbatim
General Electric NetApp Viking
Goodram Nokia Violin memory
Hitachi Nomai Viper
HP Oracle VMware
Hyper-V Panasonic WD

What do you win?

We’ve set up a page where you can submit your answers. Just head there, fill out the form with what brand or vendor you think each clue is and we’ll respond via email to let you know if you’re successful or not.

Medal positions

If you’re in the first three people to join the 50 club and guess all clues correctly, then we’ll send you a £100 Amazon voucher!

The peloton

The next 10 people to guess all 50 brands correctly will receive a Bluetooth® speaker.

Social media bonus round

Of course, what sort of competition these days doesn’t have some sort of social media incentive? Well, we’ll give 3 Bluetooth® speakers to three random people who share either the cryptic image itself or a link to this page with the hashtag #CrypticData between now and 30 September 2016. And yes, each time you share it, it will count as an entry – the more shares, the more chances to win!


We’re assuming you’ll want some more clues…

We’ll be putting out clues periodically via our social media channels. In particular Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. So just follow us on each of those networks to get additional clues. In addition, we’ll provide summaries of past clues in our newsletter, so subscribe for your best chance of winning.

Good luck!