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Cloud and Virtual Storage: An Opportunity to review data recovery strategy at VMworld in Barcelona 9-11 October

VM WorldIf you’re attending the VMWorld Forum in Barcelona this 9-11 October, visit us at stand E612 to discuss the report findings or your data recovery questions. Kroll Ontrack conducted a survey at the recent VMWare Forum on adoption trends in cloud computing and virtualisation and the security challenges that go with them. The findings revealed that while cloud storage architecture and virtualisation are gaining ground among organisations wanting to cut costs and streamline processes, few companies appear to be taking the required additional steps to actively safeguard their data in the new environments.

Sixty-two percent of respondents said they are leveraging cloud or virtualisation services but only 33 percent of these organisations say they test data recovery plans regularly to ensure proper protocols are in place to protect this data.

Testing is vital: forty-nine percent of organisations reported some type of data loss in the last year. Twenty-six percent claimed data loss from a virtual environment, and three percent reported a loss from the cloud. Sixteen percent experienced data loss from both virtual and cloud spaces.

These figures prove that data loss can occur in any environment so implementing policies to avert risk and recover from a loss should be on the top of an organisation’s agenda. Yet, time and time again we hear about policies and procedures not being drafted or enforced. Many organisations remain stuck in a routine of neglect and data is lost.

Making plans to protect data is imperative but before adopting policy, management should ask the following questions:

  • Are backup systems and protocols in place?
  • Do these systems and protocols meet your own in-house backup standards?
  • Does your cloud vendor have a data recovery provider identified in its business continuity/disaster recovery plan?
  • What are the service level agreements with regard to data recovery, liability for loss, remediation and business outcomes?
  • Can you share data between cloud services? If you terminate a cloud relationship can you get your data back?

Everyone worries about security risks but that’s not going to safeguard data. Organisations must take action before the risk becomes a crisis.

As businesses start utilising the cloud for more mission-critical business functions, more enterprises are moving to virtual backup systems and virtualisation, and cloud contracts can claim no liability for data corruption, deletion, destruction or loss, it is more imperative than ever to frequently check the validity and accessibility of your data. Furthermore, it is critical for enterprise IT administrators to proactively include a data recovery service provider in their contingency plans and ensure their third party providers do the same.

To read the full report and tips on what to consider before you move into a virtual environment, please click here.

If you’re attending the VMWorld Forum in Barcelona this 9-11 October, visit us at stand E612 to discuss the report findings or your data recovery questions.

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