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Data vs End of the Mayan Calendar

2012, dir. R. Emmerich (2009)

We know from history that the catastrophe predicted by the Mayan calendar which was meant to happen on the 21 December 2012 did not take place. However, in 2009 the topic was very current and therefore filmmakers used it to sell tickets to a very suggestive and spectacular depiction of the destruction of humanity.  Whoever has not seen the Sistine Chapel falling on the heads of the praying masses – has obviously not seen 2012. This time the cause of the apocalypse was solar flares, destabilising the Earth’s magnetic field and causing gigantic earthquakes and huge-scale tsunamis turning people to dust. Would data share their fate?

Data carriers

  • All contemporary data carriers

Destroying forces

  • All kinds of mechanical damage (shaking, crushing, breaking)
  • Burning
  • Flooding

Would it be possible to retrieve the data?

The catastrophes presented in the film are a reflection of real occurrences which take place every year around the world and which cause the loss of data. Laboratories specialising in data-retrieval frequently deal with devices damaged as a result of cataclysms, therefore we can assume that at least some part of the data destroyed in the film could be recovered. For example on board ships collecting the remnants of mankind.

Trailer 2012 (2009)

To be continued.

Data vs. the Apocalypse, part 4/6

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