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Data vs the Zombie Apocalypse

Zombie Apocalypse (1968 – now)

Although such a scenario seems to be unbelievable, it is just pretence. According to the NASK Research Institute, Poland alone has have over three hundred thousand zombies already. You don’t believe it? This is the number of computers that have been infected by malicious software, which took control over them. Better check whether Your computer became a victim of epidemic. But what if the plague spread from computers to people?

Scripts of mankind-devastating invasions of the living dead have been used in cinematography plenty of times – since the introduction of classics by George Romero (Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead or Land of the Dead); new film genre was born in its own right. You could have thought that mysterious virus that converts people into monsters obsessed with a desire for blood would not have much impact on data storage devices, on which secrets of the remedy could have been hidden, for instance, the last chance for dying mankind. Nothing is further from the truth. From numerous films of this kind we know that:

  1. a human attacked by a bunch of zombies presents irrational likeliness to toss towards the attackers all objects that are within a reach of a hand. Even though, it is hard to imagine that frontal attack by using a USB drive cause release anyone or anything any trouble, though more significant equipment is potentially effective. (Please note: if you want to neutralise zombie by using a hard drive, remember to point it in the head);
  2. observing any individual zombie may lead to conclusion that they are extremely sloppy creatures. Therefore it should be assumed that data storage devices in the world taken over by them would surely be stored incorrectly and any information saved on them would be exposed to irreversible loss.

Data devices

  • All modern and museum-like data storage devices.

Destructive factors

  • Smashing
  • Contamination with blood and fragments of tissue
  • Incorrect storage
  • Exposure to external factors – extreme temperatures, moisture, dust

Would data be recoverable?

Of course. With help of Milla Jovovich, the memorable Alice from Resident Evil, nothing is impossible.