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Meet the Engineer: Peter Robinson

Peter Robinson

Certified Apple Mac Technician

What is your name?

Peter Robinson

How long have you been at Kroll Ontrack?

Just over 6 years

What is your most unusual/challenging/interesting device to take apart to date?

My most challenging take apart was an old Apple iBookG4, it came in late as an emergency, 24/7, job and need to be taken apart quickly which is not an easy thing with these laptops as they need to almost be completely dismantled and there are a lot of screws that could go missing if care was not taken.

What exactly do you do at Kroll Ontrack?

I am responsible for:

  • opening and dismantling customer equipment to access the storage media, and putting it back together so it is ready to go back to the customer. This is why I became an ACMT (Apple Certified Macintosh Technician), so Apple devices can retain their warranty after leaving our premises.
  • sourcing hard drives for parts for our clean room engineers
  • diagnosing the drives to see if they need to go into our clean room.

What new skills & technology are you currently learning about?

I annually sit the ACMT exams, and I have recently started learning about tape recoveries. Outside of work I am learning basic electrical handyman skills.

What are you working on at the moment?

I am receiving training on improving file system checking jobs before they go through to our lab engineers as well as my tape recovery training.

What type of mobile phone do you have?

Samsung Galaxy S but looking to upgrade to either another Android or a Windows 8 Phone.

How do you relax after work/on weekends?

Watching films, gaming and reading graphic novels.

If you weren’t a data recovery engineer, what would your ideal career be & why?

I would like to be working in computer game design; I’ve always enjoyed playing computer games especially those with a strong story line.

What is your top tip for data recovery? 

Make sure if anyone is going to take a look at your faulty equipment they know what they are doing; the state in which some equipment has been  sent to us having been ‘looked at’ elsewhere is scary.

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