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Recovering data on Tivoli software has never been easier – thanks to new granular restore capabilities

Backup tape reels

There are many reasons why IBM Tivoli® Storage Manager (TSM) software has remained popular all these years. Firstly, it’s easy to use, enabling companies to manage information from a single point of control. Secondly, it protects data and adapts to changes within the IT infrastructure, minimising the chance of serious service disruptions.  Thirdly, it keeps storage management costs down with straightforward features and flexible integration capabilities.

Tivoli is undoubtedly one of the best solutions on the market today but until now there’s never been an easy or affordable way to restore its data -especially if the software version used at the time of backup is different to the one currently used.

Traditionally, any attempts at Tivoli restoration and migration of data required IT administrators to build and replicate the identical TSM server environment or revert the tape server environment back to the settings in which the tapes were created. Unsurprisingly, this presented logistical challenges and impeded the speed of data restoration.

Companies will be glad to learn that Kroll Ontrack has found a new way to perform TSM restoration without the previous hassles by granularly recalling only the files needed on each tape. The recovery process is possible regardless of the TSM version used at the time of backup or whether data is still stored in a TSM’s database.  Companies can also restore millions of files without memory limitation and conduct tape restorations in parallel and in any order, making it faster to complete the recovery.

Using this new tape restoration service enables administrators to restore files within tapes, while saving significant time and money – which are very important for organisations bound by a data production deadline. These benefits also help to improve the user experience for those working within a TSM environment – which is good news for IBM.

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