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Do students really care about their data? [infographic]

Do students really value their data? [infographic]

Kroll Ontrack carried out a survey with students from UK and ES during October 2013. The results revealed the attitudes and habits students have in order to protect their data as well as how they handle a situation once they lose their data.

Up to 66 % of students surveyed have backups of their data and 69% have also an updated version of an antivirus. Although the majority of the students have taken care to protect their data, 74% of students have suffered, at some time, of a data loss. Of those who experienced a data loss, 34% were not able to recover their data and 15% did not even try to get it back.

Of those that did try to recover their data 52% downloaded a data recovery software, 41% contacted a friend and only 7% contacted a company specialising in data recovery.

We also discovered that up to 61 % of students have intentionally deleted data from their computer thinking that it wasn’t important anymore, only to later discover that they still needed this data.

59% of students valued their data assessments and course work as being the most important, followed by their photos with 41%. Another interesting find was that 91% of students use the same computer to both store their important data and visiting unsafe websites, opening up their critical data to potential data loss risks.

Students were also asked to rate the critical data stored in their computers on a scale of 1 to 10, with their data scoring an average of 8 points.

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