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Twitter Q&A: SSD Data Recovery

Kroll Ontrack Twitter Q&A

After the success of our first twitter Q&A session on data recovery from virtualised environments , we decided to run a second one, this time on SSD data recovery. This time our resident expert @DrDataRecovery received 22 questions, via the hashtag #odrqa.

Below we have selected some highlights from the twitter Q&A session.

Why does choosing solid state over HDD decrease the likelihood of recovery in the event of a data loss? #odrqa @rob_mls
@rob_msl This is complex, but in summary there are 2 key differences between SSD & mechanical hard drives: …cont #odrqa @DrDataRecovery
@rob_msl 1. How and where the data is stored on the media, 2. The magnetic vs electronic storage implications. #odrqa @DrDataRecovery
SSD is popular & more stable. Isn’t it a no-brainer to switch to it over HDD, especially since data loss chances are lower? #odrqa @breakiemartini
@breakiemartini #odrqa You are correct, but because it is a relatively new technology & the way data is stored to it, we always advise our… @DrDataRecovery
#odrqa to conduct an data loss implications analysis & the likelihood & cost of a successful recovery, particularly for… @DrDataRecovery
Enterprise SSD is also more expensive per GB than HDD – but prices are falling! #odrqa @DrDataRecovery
One of the key advantages of SSD is its greater reliability, correct? Then why the fuss about data loss? #odrqa @gugss
@gugss You are right, SSDs have shown to have greater reliability over HDDs, although by how much is a point of debate. #odrqa @DrDataRecovery
@gugss The issue is HDDs can give warning signs before a failure whereas SSDs can undergo total data loss with no warning. #odrqa @DrDataRecovery
@gugss This is why we always advise our clients to keep regular & reliable backups of critical data, no matter the media storage being used. #odrqa @DrDataRecovery
My micro usb card has just stopped working – looks like the metal bits are scratched. Can you fix it?  #odrqa @Photobrookphoto
Unfortuntately MicroUSBs have no protection in their structure so any physical damage will render the card unrecoverable. Sorry! #odrqa @DrDataRecovery
#odrqa  I use SSD storage in my RAID, & when I had a data loss last year, I was told that the data couldn’t be reassembled because of… @rob_mls
the RAID controller in my system. Does this sound accurate?  #odrqa @rob_mls
@rob_mls #odrqa RAID controllers allocate how & where the data is saved across the drives & there are many different types. See http://bit.ly/o6hTaJ @DrDataRecovery
@rob_mls #odrqa Most data recovery suppliers will not have the expertise to be able to deal with different RAID controllers, & can result in… @DrDataRecovery
@rob_mls the data being (often inadvertently) damaged beyond repair. Choose suppliers carefully. #odrqa @DrDataRecovery

Thanks again to all those that participated in our twitter Q&A session!

As always, if you have any further questions on SSD data recovery then this blog is a great place to start, or alternatively you can tweet our expert @DrDataRecovery.

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