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The purpose of this blog is to share the insights of Kroll Ontrack engineers about data; whether it be finding, managing, recovering, searching, restoring or deleting it.  Our data recovery and information management experts provide advice, tips and other pieces of interest that we hope are useful in helping you to better manage your organisation’s data.  You are, of course invited to participate in the blog through subscribing to an RSS feed or by leaving comments to individual posts.

Information in the Ontrack Data Recovery blog is categorised as follows:

  • Tales from the Clean Room – To share learning points from interesting or challenging recoveries that our engineers have worked on.
  • Data Recovery Realities – There are numerous myths that surround data recovery and data recovery providers, many being generated by other data recovery companies.  In order to help you make better informed buying decisions, we attempt to debunk these myths and shed light on the realities of data recovery.
  • Top Tips – No one likes losing the information they rely on, and our top tips section will share hints and techniques to prevent data loss, and prevent further damage to your media if it is already in need of a data recovery.
  • Pieces of Interest – Every now and then we come across titbits of information that we think may be interesting or useful to you, but that doesn’t quite fit into the other three categories.  These items are be included here.