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Smoke and Mirrored – a multi-drive RAID roasting!

RAID Recovery From Fire DamageWe see all kinds of failures, from all sorts of different situations, however nothing presents more of a challenge than drives which have been involved in some kind of disastrous event, be it flood, fire or being thrown from a tall building.

In this case, there were 24 drives from a business-critical RAID, which had been thoroughly cooked in a fire at the office where they were based. Not only did this RAID contain all the client data, but it was also the only copy of the data in existence.

Luckily the customer acted quickly and contacted us so that we could begin working on the drives ASAP.

The drives were then packed up and shipped to us here in Epsom. This particular job arrived in the middle of the night: 24 smoke/fire damaged drives, which had been rescued from the ashes of their former office. Naturally the customer was desperate to get his data back, and try to get the business up and running again.

Working throughout the night we initially inspected all drives, in order to assess the damage. Electronics were checked, the internals of the drives were examined and action was taken to repair anything that required attention.

Fortunately, there was no water damage, and these can often go hand in hand. Drives are burnt to a cinder during a fire, and then doused with water while putting it out; both of which can lead to unrecoverable data.

Through the combined efforts of our engineering team we successfully repaired the faulty drives, imaged all 24, and recovered all of the customer’s data in just under 48hrs.

As a result, the customer was overjoyed and extremely relieved, he could now rest assured that once he had re-located and set up his IT systems again, he would have all of his data ready to go.

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