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Strangest locations for data recovery (part 1)

Over the years when circumstances dictate, usually due to security concerns Kroll Ontrack engineers have been required to perform data recoveries onsite. Usually this means just another office building or industrial estate but occasionally, just occasionally it’s a little more unusual.

Here is our top four unusual locations (part 1):

4. Pharmaceutiques à Paris

Paris CBD

A pharmaceutical company situated 27 floors up in a sky scrapper in Paris financial district next to the building with a hole in it. The managing director dropped his laptop and as a result suffered a HDD failure.

To make matters worse, the managing director had a critical business trip the next day and the only copy of his presentation and supporting data was on that laptop. Given the time-critical nature with the business trip the next day, we jumped on the next train to Paris to assist the client. Given the time challenge it was decided that this was the best option for the client to recover their data as quickly as possible.

Kroll Ontrack was able to recover the data and the managing director was able to board his plane for his meeting the next day. 

3. Data recovery engineers don’t usually have an audience

A production engineering server crashed in a large car manufacturing facility in the east of France. Home to approximately 4,000 factory workers, any breakdown to the production engineering servers would affect the entire production line and with lean production techniques this meant the whole system broke down.  

The call for help came in during happy hour on a Friday afternoon, where our on-call emergency service team responded. Driving from London, we arrived at the factory at approximately 2am local time.

The data recovery engineers arrived to find a failed operating system on one of servers and an entire set of factory workers-turned-spectators waiting for Kroll Ontrack to do what they do best – recover their data and get their business back online.

With the time pressure of lost production and costs of an inert workforce Kroll Ontrack managed to recover the data, get the server back online and the workers back to work in only a few hours.

… 2 … 1 …

Our next post will have our two most unusual data recovery locations. To keep you guessing where one of them might be we want you to guess the location of our number one.

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