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Strangest locations for data recovery (part 2)

Here are the final two locations for our mini-series on unusual locations for data recoveries.

2. Data is forever

A diamond dealer in Antwerp, Belgium called in Kroll Ontrack when they had discovered that they had lost their previous three days of transaction information. As the company was in a heavily regulated industry, this sort of information is vital that it is recovered and stored securely in the event of an audit.

Normally in a situation like this, the client would send the offending piece of hardware to the Kroll Ontrack offices; however, this company had a policy that absolutely no equipment left the premises in the event that diamonds were smuggled out. This then turned our recovery from a normal, in-lab service into an onsite service.

On finding a failed hard drive, the Kroll Ontrack engineers managed to recover the data and restored it to an external hard drive for relief of the client. Though upon leaving, the data recovery engineers ended up as subjects of body searches and had to leave their equipment behind.

1. Top Secret

Top Secret

Underneath a regular-looking office block somewhere in The Netherlands lies a top secret military base (well, there are probably a few of these, but who knows?). This particular military base contained computers with top secret data so sensitive that it was not allowed to leave the facility – even under military escort – and no backups were allowed.

Naturally, when the call came in that a military institution needed data recovery our engineers were excited, yet a little nervous. Upon arriving at the facility, were taken to the system at fault in a deep underground, sealed nuclear bunker. Our engineers found a RAID 5 multiple drive configuration that wouldn’t mount – not the simplest of recoveries to perform.

Obviously the client was happy when the data was successfully recovered and allowed them to continue with their top secret operations.

Onsite Data Recovery

Albeit rare, onsite data recovery is sometimes the best way to effectively get businesses, government institutions and even military facilities back online and operational, whilst adhering to strict security policies or hardware environments.

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