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Sun, Sand and SQL: Remote recovery of a massive database

Remote data recovery (RDR) is one of our most powerful and efficient options when it comes to corporate data recovery, never was this better illustrated than in this case. A telecommunications company based in Spain had a huge server containing a massive SQL 2000 database which one day wouldn’t mount, so they were unable to access business-critical data.

Following a call to our Spanish office, the job was then referred to our office here in the UK and our engineers began the RDR process. Initially time was spent connecting to the customer’s system through a secure internet connection and analysing the failure. The database itself was made up of 85 database files spread across 6 file groups and had over 4 billion rows. After careful analysis by our Engineers, the failure was narrowed down to corruption to one of these database files. This resulted in the SQL database being unable to mount and over 2TB of data becoming inaccessible.

Logistically it was unrealistic for the customer to be able to send us the physical hardware, due to security issues and the quantity of drives involved,  so the RDR option was ideal. In addition it meant that any data recovered could be restored directly to the customers local storage, saving valuable time and shipping costs.

Working remotely for over a month our Engineers managed to recreate multiple database files and remotely restore the customer data. The result of this was a delighted customer who had all of their corporate data back and fully functioning.

RDR is a great option if you need your data back in a hurry, it’s also invaluable if you cannot physically ship your server hardware due to security or logistical issues. In addition, recovery may even be possible if drives have physically failed in the array, or you are using virtualisation.

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