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Keeping safe online – securely accessing data

A little while ago, the security breach in the version of the SSL secure connection on certain servers made headlines in the press. The lack of security in accessing data can change systems and the trust we place in them. Espionage, piracy, theft, vandalism and blackmail are just some of the risks associated with lack of data security. So, who needs secure access to data and why do they need it?

Every time you need to connect to your bank account online, you are securely accessing to data. You have to enter your credentials using a variety of systems to ensure that you are who you claim to be. When setting up a new transfer recipient, you are sent an SMS or letter via post to validate it. Account transactions are very secure. You have to enter an encrypted code which is provided to you on a small, handheld device with a digital display, as well as your account number and a conventional secret code. You can securely access your money using these tools.

When you consider how important your money is, this type of information should also be viewed as important. Are your IDs and data stored on Google Drive safe?  Are they safe on your computer? Are your salary and employment records safe from prying eyes? Are your competitors interested to know about your profit margins? Would it be better if your employee, who went to work for your competitor, does not keep your important data? Is it online and accessible via their mobile? Yes, but it’s their personal mobile. Does the person who pays the bills have all administrative rights on the entire enterprise information system? Who manages the passwords? Do you have a good grasp on all the keys to your business and your digital life?

Secure access to data is a topic that concerns everyone. The same way that a weak link is a group creates a risk, a weak link in the chain of IT security is at least, if not more important. Data security access should at least consist of a password. Those who do not use a difficult password can be causing risk to their family, business, clients, employees and suppliers.

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