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Overcoming colleagues’ misunderstanding of data recovery value

QualityThe biggest objection to recovering data can often be the cost of finding it.  When disaster strikes, companies want a reliable data recovery provider that charges reasonable prices.  While information technology professionals understand that as the world’s leading data recovery provider, Kroll Ontrack provides the best value service, others in the business can still put low cost ahead of high value.

The Ontrack Data Recovery approach

What dissuades some is the upfront fee for conducting a diagnostic test.  As the first step in the data recovery process, the Ontrack Data Recovery engineers perform a thorough examination to determine the amount and quality of data that can be recovered.  The most crucial analysis occurs during this time and Kroll Ontrack provides an assessment of the damage incurred, and importantly, a comprehensive listing of the condition of files.  We guarantee that the files indicated as recoverable will be delivered to the customer.  We believe this is the most transparent way to engage with customers.

What others do

Other companies may not charge a diagnosis fee, but nor do they always perform a comprehensive examination. Instead, they conduct a rudimentary check and guess how much can be recovered.  This forms the basis of the quote and the recovery process begins.

If the recovery procedure is subsequently unsuccessful, the client still has to pay a full recovery fee –often a much higher charge than that charged by Ontrack Data Recovery for its diagnostic test.

Beware of hidden costs

The Ontrack Data Recovery approach is transparent.  Kroll Ontrack lets its customers know what data can be found, the cost of the job and the time it will take.  Customers are never misled or given recovery promises that can’t be kept.

Unlike Kroll Ontrack, some companies ditch their cost guarantees and turnaround times once a recovery is underway because they don’t have the resources to invest in facilities and skilled engineers to bring the job in on time. Because they are smaller businesses, they lack the means and resources to stock spare parts, instead ordering them on an on-demand basis.  This adds more time and cost to the recovery process.

Recovery damage

Even when a recovery is paid for and completed, customers don’t always get their data back and need to turn to Kroll Ontrack for help.  We regularly see the results of botched data recovery attempts.  Unfortunately, if a recovery has already been attempted, it’s even more difficult to find data the second time around.  This is due to data being further damaged because the recovery wasn’t performed in a clean room or by skilled engineers.

Quality first

Consumers and companies alike should be careful about choosing a data recovery provider on the basis of perceived low costs.  It’s vital to look at the value that providers add as well as the prices they charge.  As part of this process it’s important to check up on both customer references and track record before making any decisions.

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