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Avoid data loss in the fluctuating temperatures of a British summer & when overseas

Summer holidays can be dangerous for electronic devicesWe all know that the risk of data loss exists throughout the year, for example due to technical failure or unintentional human error. When holidaying overseas in hot & very hot climates, this can cause undue risk of data loss on fragile media devices. In addition closer to home, a British summer, with temperatures rising and then falling – often irregularly – adds additional data loss risks, and as a result this time of year is when we see more than twice many cases of hardware failure occur than in the rest of the year.

So if you decide to go out on the terrace or down to the beach with your computer, be careful, especially when the outside temperature exceeds 30 degrees, leaving mobile devices in the sun for long periods of time may affect their performance, since high temperatures can cause hard drive failure and consequent loss of files. Remember also that the use of air conditioning is not as common as most places in southern Europe and the US and thus temperatures can fluctuate or remain high for long periods of time.

The other thing to remember, which does sound obvious but still is very common, is that water and electronic media devices do not mix. This is still one of the reasons behind the increase of data recovery jobs that we see at the Kroll Ontrack office in London during the summer months.

Take all possible precautions to prevent high temperatures from damaging your device. But if a data loss occurs, remember that it is best not to touch the damaged system or try to recover the data, but call an expert from a reputable data recovery company, like Kroll Ontrack. The unsuccessful attempts to recover data can cause significant additional damage, leaving your information in an unrecoverable state.  With the help of an expert, there is much greater probability of a successful recovery of information compared with those that have been previously opened.

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