Complete data removal

Deleting files with Windows commands does not remove the data. Blancco File Eraser  software permanently erases targeted data on active PCs, servers and virtual machines to prevent data breaches.

Blancco file eraser

Key features


Targeted, automated data erasure

Easy to install and user-friendly

Advanced reporting options

Fully compliant with data protection regulations

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Automate the entire erasure process to save time and resources. Implement rules, routines and scheduling through Windows standard components and a command line interface.

Data security

Pro-actively eliminate the risk of information leaks with 100% data removal and a tamper-proof audit trail for each erasure.


Meet and exceed standards for data removal such as PCI DSS and the EU GDPR. Comply with legislation and policies that demand the secure deletion of customer information.

Detailed audit trail

Our solutions validate the successful completion of the overwriting process and generate tamper-proof reports to comply with legal auditing requirements. They can be customised to suit your needs and provide critical information.

This software is fully compatible with the Blancco Management Console.

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Managed erasure services

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