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Blancco Mobile Device Eraser  securely erases tablets and smartphones to ensure all data, such as emails, contacts, photos and text messages, are permanently erased.

After erasure, your devices can be safely reused, recycled or resold.

Wipe data with Blancco mobile eraser

Key features


Operating system independent

Flexible and simple user interface

Customisable erasure algorithm

Printable labels show erasure information

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Data security

Simply deleting or formatting devices doesn’t get rid of data securely. Eliminate the risk of information leaks with 100% data removal and a tamper-proof audit trail for every device that is erased.


Set up an automatic and comprehensive erasure process in just minutes. A single operator can wipe hundreds of mobile devices per day with ease.


Continuous support for all mobile device platforms, including iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile.

Detailed audit trail

Our solutions validate the successful completion of the overwriting process and generate tamper-proof reports to comply with legal auditing requirements. They can be customised to suit your needs and provide critical information such as:

  • Phone name & model
  • IMEI code
  • Operator details
  • Storage capacity
  • Time and date stamp

Blancco Mobile Device Eraser is fully compatible with Blancco Management Console.

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Managed erasure services

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