Intimus HDD Granulator

Unlike the demagnatization of magnetic devices, shredders for hard drives and SSDs guarantee the physical destruction of the devices.

Shredder for high security applications

State-of-the-art hybrid technology that combines the benefits of shredders and those of shredding the media. Intimus® hard drive shredders are easy to use, fast and reliable tools that destroy disks in tiny parts.

The product range includes machines for different applications and each of these solutions offers high levels of safety, including the H-5 level compliant with DIN 66399. The destruction of hard drives is a safe and economical process, which allows you to visually inspect the effectiveness of the transaction.


  • Safety level determined by the diameter of the filter mesh (screen)
  • Six different diameters of filter meshes available
  • Destroys hard drives up to 5.25 "
  • Maximum operator safety
  • Large compartment for supports to be destroyed
  • Steel body with removable basket
  • Collects the shredded material in a standard basket

Intimus SSD Granulator

The SSD shredder is a new technology that adapts to the cancellation needs of companies that need to destroy large volumes of SSDs, smartphones or other flash media.

The most cutting-edge SSD shredder on the market

Intimus SSD Granulator has been designed for easy transport and high crushing power of the devices. 
This tool can be used for all flash memories, reduces the supports in micro parts of a few millimeters (5.8mm), the security level adopted is E-6 with a 3mm screen.


  • Cutting size: 5.8mm without a screen
  • Security level without screen: E-3
  • Security level with 3 mm screen: E-6
  • Destroys up to about 500 SSDs an hour
  • In levels: 70 dB
  • Voltage: 400v, three-phase current
SSD Granulator Services

Intimus FlashEx for professional destruction of Flash media

The safest data destroyer for smartphones, mini-tablets and SSDs. Ensuring that your company eliminates end-of-life devices securely is critical if you want to protect your business's confidential information. Without a reliable method of data destruction, your business may be vulnerable to a potential information breach.

Intimus FlashEx is the ideal solution for challenges related to data deletion. 
With a specially designed cutting head and unique cylinders, FlashEx attracts the device into the unit, crushing it into 4x15mm particles.

Since it requires only standard power, unlike industrial shredders, FlashEx can be stored anywhere in the company.

The opening for the insertion of the devices to be destroyed guarantees the operator's safety while allowing to see the process in progress. The i-control control unit ensures that the machine is easy to use and ensures full control.

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