A crucial step in data security

Guarantee information security and safeguard against data breaches by independently auditing your data erasure processes.

When repurposing or disposing of media, erasure verification is the only way to ensure that your current methods are effectively destroying the data.

Why use erasure verification services?


Process validity

Verify that your existing data destruction methods are effective in removing all traces of data.

Expert analysis

Peace of mind that the world leaders in data recovery have checked for any residual information and approved your procedures.

Mitigate risk

Comply with data privacy regulations and prove that data has been removed effectively.

How it works

Our erasure verification services can be tailored to your exact requirements, however a basic project would usually consist of these four stages:


A pre-determined set of files are written to your media so we can check if they have been erased.


The device is then erased using your preferred sanitisation process.


We conduct a thorough analysis for any residual data, including the set of test files.


Receive a detailed report outlining the results of the analysis.

Once your data destruction process has been verified, you can repeat it with the confidence that it is 100% effective. If the data recovery experts at Ontrack cannot find your data then no one else will.

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