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How to recover deleted files

Realising you need the files you have already deleted can be frustrating. Fortunately, deleted doesn’t necessarily mean gone forever. It may still exist on your device though the index to locate it has been erased.

Bear in mind that until the data is overwritten through general use of the device, there is still a chance you may recover your files. This is why it is so important that you stop using the device as soon as you realise you need the files back.

To get your deleted files back, there are a few steps you can try:

  1. Stop writing or installing software to the device - you don’t want to overwrite the files
  2. Check the Recycle Bin
  3. Try a specialist recovery software such as Ontrack EasyRecovery (bonus: the free trial lets preview if the files are still available)
  4. If you still haven’t found the files you need, get specialist support from data recovery experts, such as Ontrack

Let’s review in detail why each step is necessary and what it entails.

Recovering deleted files is normally a fairly straightforward process and, unless you’ve continued to use the device and overwritten the files, these ought to still be stored on the hard drive and available for recovery.

It is critical to shut down the device completely as soon as you realise you need the files back. If you have an SSD be aware that the longer the device is left running, the higher chance the data will be zeroed out (this is due to the trim function) making the deletion permanent. In the case of devices operating with HDDs, ongoing usage of the device will also overwrite the deleted files, eventually rendering the loss permanent.

Normally, everything you delete goes into the Bin. This holding area gives you a second chance to recover data before permanently deleting it. You will find the Bin on your computer desktop.

Double-click on the icon and you will be able to see everything you have deleted since the Bin was last “emptied”. At this point, all you have to do is to simply click on the file you want back and then click Restore this item – the file will then be copied back to where it belongs.

If the file is not in your Bin there is still no need to panic. There are still a couple of options available to you to get those files back.

You can try using a reputable file recovery programme to search for and undelete the document. A software tool like Ontrack EasyRecovery offers a trial version where you can preview if your files are still available before purchasing it.

Note: make sure any file recovery software you use is installed in a separate drive so you don’t risk overwriting the data on the drive you are to trying to recover from.

Expert help If you have been unable to recover the data this far, you may want to consider contacting data recovery experts who utilise more sophisticated recovery tools to get your files back.

Lost data? Then STOP!

If you’ve lost data, stop using the device immediately to avoid further damage. Assess the situation before deciding on the best course of action.

Want more tips?

Here are a few other things you may wish to look into to try to recover your files.

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