Ontrack & NetApp

We are partnered with NetApp® to provide the best up to date recovery solutions for enterprise-class NAS and SAN data storage systems.

Ontrack is the only company in the market with the expertise to recover data from Data ONTAP storage for NetApp systems.


Our capabilities

With pioneering research, our engineers have developed the expertise and the operational capabilities to recover data  from purged snapshots of NetApp's highly scalable storage operating system.

We can recover:

  • Deleted or overwritten files that are no longer found in an active Data ONTAP snapshot
  • Deleted or recreated volumes
  • WAFL file system corruption
  • Hard drives failures
  • Raid failures


What NetApp products are recoverable?

We can recover from all enterprise and mid-tier products as well as entry-level NAS and SAN products.

If you don’t see your NetApp product listed, don’t worry, we can still recover data from it.

FAS6200 Series E7900 Data ONTAP 8
FAS6000 Series E5400 Data ONTAP 7G
FAS3200 Series E2600 Data ONTAP GX
FAS3100 Series   NearStore on FAS
FAS2000 Series   NetApp VTL
    NetApp V-Series

Recovery methods

Data recovery for NetApp systems can be performed through Ontrack Data Recovery in-lab, remote and on-site services.

Software recovery

NetApp systems store data using Data ONTAP and a file system named WAFL (Write Anywhere File Layer). A noteworthy feature of the NetApp system is snapshot technology, which allows the user to go "back in time" to recover files without restoring a backup. Once snapshots are purged, the related ability to recover deleted files without restoring a full backup is lost.

With our proprietary toolset, we can locate purged snapshots and "turn back the clock" on a NetApp system and restore the data to its last snapshot state.

Hardware recovery

We offer a hardware solution beyond NetApp's RAID DPTM safeguard, providing additional layer of protection when more than two drives fail.

Get your data back!

Ontrack can help recover your data. From the largest government or enterprise organisations to home users who may have lost their data, you can trust us.

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