How quickly do you need your data back?

Ontrack has a transparent data recovery process with no hidden costs . The evaluation will ensure that you know what is recoverable before deciding to go through with the data recovery.

Service level Evaluation time Recovery time
Standard Around 4 hours 7-10 business days
Express Around 4 hours 2-5 business days (inc Sat)
Emergency Around 4 hours 12 - 24 hours*
On-Site N/A 12 - 24 hours*

*Time estimates for the evaluation and recovery processes can vary depending upon data sizes and data transfer speeds of storage systems

Choose from our service options

Whether your device has suffered physical damage or undergone a logical failure, we offer you a range of services to match your specific needs.


The best recovery option for any type of device, no matter what data loss situation has been experienced.

This recovery service is provided in our state-of-the-art data recovery lab and ISO-5/Class 100 cleanroom environment to ensure the safety of your data.

Remote Data Recovery

Your data is recovered remotely without your media ever leaving your premises. We connect to your system via the Internet to perform a live recovery.

Available when the storage device or system is still operational.

On-site Recovery

If your device cannot leave your premises, our engineers can bring their recovery expertise to you.

This option is only available for emergency service. For on-site data recovery, the storage device or system must be operational.

Custom data recovery

We offer custom-designed recovery solutions for proprietary systems and/or highly complex enterprise-level systems.

Our R&D team will work with your IT staff to create an emergency solution to retrieve your data.

Client Attended Recovery

Your staff may transport your device to our facilities and remain with it during the recovery process so the chain of custody for the data remains assured.

Appropriate non-disclosure agreements and insurance certificates are required. Only available for emergency services.

Speak with one of our data recovery consultants to decide which option is right for you.

Service options

Data recovery services

Solutions from 12 hours to 30 days

All types of devices recovered from

Self-service to full account management


Best-in-class data recovery services

Not sure what’s right for you?

If you are unsure what service option best fits your circumstances, contact us for a free consultation on the best option for you.

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