Hard Drive Shipped Ontrack is committed to supporting data recovery needs around the globe during the COVID-19 crisis. Media drop-off has been temporarily suspended and we encourage you to use our free shipping services during this time. We are able to provide global support through several options including our remote data recovery services.

All RAID systems

We can recover from any RAID:

  • level
  • controller
  • architecture including software-defined storage (SDS)
  • and any hard drive type, make or model

Find out more about RAID recovery or call us for a free consultation about your specific setup.

Replacing a RAID drive
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RAID recovery services

Whether your device has suffered physical damage or undergone a logical failure, we offer you a range of services to match your specific needs.



The best recovery option for any type of RAID system, no matter what data loss situation has been experienced.

This recovery service is provided in our state-of-the-art data recovery lab and ISO-5/Class 100 cleanroom environment to ensure the safety of your data.

Remote RAID Data Recovery

Your data is recovered remotely without your media ever leaving your premises. We connect to your system via the Internet to perform a live recovery.

Available when the storage device or system is still operational.

On-site Recovery

If your RAID system cannot leave your premises, our engineers can bring their recovery expertise to you.

This option is only available for emergency service. For on-site data recovery, the storage device or system must be operational.

Custom RAID data recovery

We offer custom-designed recovery solutions for proprietary RAID systems and/or highly complex enterprise-level systems.

Our R&D team will work with your IT staff to create an emergency solution to retrieve your data.

Client Attended Recovery

Your staff may transport your device to our facilities and remain with it during the recovery process so the chain of custody for the data remains assured.

Appropriate non-disclosure agreements and insurance certificates are required. Only available for emergency services.

Speak with one of our data recovery consultants to decide which option is right for you.

Service options

RAID Recovery Software


Ontrack EasyRecovery Technician RAID recovery software

Ontrack EasyRecovery Technician includes the tools to successfully perform data recoveries on RAID drives and makes it possible to rebuild broken RAID volumes. It’s fast, easy to use, and can be invaluable in recovery lost files and data.

Ontrack EasyRecovery Technician, our cutting edge data recovery software, is available to try with a FREE download.

  • Multiple system installation software license
  • Includes license for commercial use
  • Recovers lost or formatted RAID volumes
  • RAID 0, 5 & 6 data recovery (Windows)
  • Create virtual RAID (Windows)
Ontrack EasyRecovery Try it Free

Common causes of RAID data loss

Each RAID data recovery is unique, but there are a few common causes for data loss.

Human error

Whether on accident or completed with malicious intent, data loss from reformatting, reinstalling or volume overwrite can be conquered by expert data recovery engineers.

Power issues

RAID systems can be affected by loss of power, power cycling and power surges causing loss of data. RAIDs running in a degraded state are especially vulnerable, as power issues can cause out-of-sync drives to be reincorporated into the array.

Mechanical issues and failed rebuilds

RAID systems are built to withstand individual drive failure, but once it runs in a degraded state, the workload of the remaining drives increases and so does the risk of additional drive failures. This can lead to failure of the RAID.

Natural Disasters

Fire, water, dirt and other contaminants from natural disasters can destroy a RAID array in an instant.

The different types of RAID

RAID configuration, including the number of disks used, determines the type. As a reminder, the RAID that stands for Redundant Array of Independent Disks or Redundant Independent Disk Array is a storage solution that distributes data across multiple small disks that together form a single system. In addition to being less expensive, this device has a high level of performance and data security as RAID tolerates breakdowns better.

RAID configurations
RAID 51  

Why choose Ontrack?

We have 30 years’ experience successfully performing highly technical RAID recoveries. We also have specialised facilities and the storage capacity to handle large amounts of data.

Frequently asked RAID recovery questions

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