Total Eraser App

Licence to kill data

You can completely remove all data from any mobile phone or computer, which you consider as a threat for your company, government or you directly within seconds.

Kill data!

Do it with your smartphone

Total Eraser is a powerful weapon in the arsenal of every security expert. This app can work directly from your smartphone.

All you need to do is provide the phone number or IP of the device than hit Erase. It will then securely remove all data and keep your secrets safe. No complex setup required, it simply deletes data.

Total Erase is a must-have for everyone who really wants control of their data.

Total Eraser is the revolutionary app in the data security field.

Delete data from every device. Wherever you are.

Total Eraser will remove data from any device connected to mobile or computer network.

It's just a joke! Happy April Fools' Day