All types of tape data restores

Whether you are restoring Microsoft Exchange EDB or PST files from a tape archive, migrating your backup archive, recovering data from damaged backup tapes, auditing and indexing your archive or duplicating/de-duplicating your tape data, contact Ontrack for a customised tape management solution and a free quote.

Examples of data we have restored:

  • Microsoft Exchange mailboxes from LTO 5 tapes
  • Transaction receipts from 5 years ago stored on DSS-2/DAT cassettes
  • Corporate election results from two decades ago stored on Exabyte 8mm backup tape
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Time-critical backup tape restorations

We understand that modern IT departments are busy; with different systems and applications to keep online, periodic and ad hoc maintenance requirements, plus upgrade projects. So when a request comes from senior management for a number of archive restores from backup tapes with a challenging deadline, it is no wonder that IT and facility managers can feel under pressure - as it is often the current backup schedule that is at risk when a quick archive restore is required.

Ontrack has the ability and capacity to quickly perform Microsoft Exchange mailbox restores from tape archives - often quicker than businesses and organisations can do themselves. Contact our tape specialists if your organisation needs to perform a time-critical archive data extraction, data restoration or tape duplication.

Archive tape data recovery

If your tapes are physically damaged, we can help.

Magnetic archive tapes are extremely robust data storage media, especially when compared to HDD, SSD and other, more modern forms of data storage. However, they can still be susceptible to the elements. Ontrack tape recovery specialists have seen all sorts of damage to tapes, including fire, flood and environmental moisture. If you suspect that your tapes have suffered physical damage, then contact Ontrack today.

Tapes recovery

Email archive restoration for Microsoft Exchange

Specifically for Microsoft Exchange email archives, Ontrack offers fast and reliable Exchange EDB and PST file extraction.

Using a previous full backup we can restore mailbox items to new media, the production server or to a new or existing PST file. This eliminates having to perform time-consuming, expensive single mailbox or brick-level backups.

Items that can be restored include:

  • Complete mailboxes, folders or individual messages.
  • Attachments, contacts, calendar items.
  • Public Folders database items.
  • Mail items from the Microsoft Exchange Server Personal Archive mailbox and Recoverable Items feature.

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