How to Recovery Photos from an SD Card.

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Date Published: October 30, 2023

How to Recovery Photos from an SD Card.


It is not unusual to face the loss of files, especially photos stored on a memory card. A simple mistake when handling is enough to delete your photos. Thankfully you can recover your photos thanks to a photo recovery software like Ontrack EasyRecovery Photo.


Why can’t I find the photos stored on my SD card anymore?

Photos that are accidentally erased on memory cards are often the result of an incorrect manipulation. Accidental deletion of photos or formatting of a memory card are among the most common causes of such loss. Virus attacks are also to blame, as well as physical damage to the media.

Can I recover deleted photos on an SD card?

Recovering lost photos from an SD card is possible, and thankfully, this operation is within everyone’s reach – from the novice computer user to the expert programmer – with a recovery software program.

However, you should remember that data recovery software is only effective on computer-recognized media. If your media is not recognized on your computer, you will have to go down the route of sending your device into a data recovery laboratory.


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How does photo recovery software work on an SD card?

Photo recovery software that has been designed to recover deleted photos from an SD card is simple to use. Once launched, the tool performs a complete and in-depth analysis of your SD card. It then finds and displays deleted or inaccessible files. All data and photo recovery software is based on the same concept, but the process differs from one tool to another.

Even though recovering images from an SD card with a photo recovery software is easy, there are a number of points to consider in order to optimize the success of the operation. As soon as you notice that the pictures stored on the SD card are deleted or inaccessible, do not use the memory card anymore as you could cause irreversible damage.


How to recover your deleted SD photos in 3 steps.

Ontrack EasyRecovery Photo is a powerful and very easy to use photo recovery software that allows you to recover your images instantly. To recover your SD files using a Ontrack EasyRecovery Photo, follow the below steps:




Step 1: Download and setup Ontrack EasyRecovery.

Connect your SD card to a computer and run the software.





Step 2: Select the media type that is relevant to you.

To recover deleted photos on your memory card, click on "Keys and memory cards"




Step 3: Recover your photos.

The software will scan the SD card and show a list of photos that be recovered. Select the files that you are interested in and save them in a safe location.


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