We can recover data from your desktop computer which you may believe is hopelessly lost.

We are trusted worldwide by IT professionals and home users to recovery data from the most challenging recovery situations.

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Data recovery for desktop computers.

Along with our dedicated customer service team, our data recovery specialists, provide manufacturer-recommended recovery services for desktop computers.

We offer multiple data recovery service options for recovering lost or inaccessible data from desktops. Data recovery is available for:

  • Any operating system
  • Any make, model or brand
  • Any generation of drives from oldest to the very newest
  • All causes of data loss - from simple to the most complex and catastrophic data loss situations, including forgotten or lost passwords, viruses, natural disasters, accidental deletion, system crashes, corruption, hardware failure and more

All types of data loss: logical, physical and more.


Hardware Failures

  • Overvoltage
  • Fall
  • Power failure
  • Liquid damage
  • Fires, floods


Software Failures

  • No boot up
  • Software bugs and errors
  • Incorrect stops
  • Data overwriting


Human Errors

  • Accidental deletion of files
  • Reinstalling the system
  • Partition deleted
  • Accidental reformatting
  • Overwriting files

Signs that a desktop computer is likely to experience data loss.

Strange noises or grinding sound, blue screen of death and unresponsiveness.

What to do if your desktop is failing:

  • Turn off the computer immediately - further operation may damage data beyond repair
  • Do not restart computer
  • Do not install or re-install any software
  • Do not shake or disassemble a damaged hard drive - improper handling may cause more damage
  • Do not use file recovery or other utility software to attempt repair for a damaged or failed drive
  • Do not attempt to dry a wet computer
  • Never attempt to operate any visibly damaged devices
  • Contact data recovery specialists providing Ontrack Data Recovery services immediately

Following these tips will increase the likelihood of data recovery success for your desktop computer.

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How can water damage cause desktop data loss?

From drips and spills to floods, if your desktop computer comes into contact with water, you risk losing your data.

If, for example, you spill a glass of water or cup of coffee on your desktop, the device can short circuit, causing serious damage. And, even if your computer seems to be working fine immediately after the incident, there may be internal damage that has the potential to cause a short circuit in the future.

If a spill does occur, acting fast will help minimize any damage. Turn your desktop off straight away and dry it as much as you can, ensuring that no internal components are wet.

If you’ve lost desktop data as a result of water or liquid damage, we can help. Our team of data recovery experts in Canada have the skills, experience, and tools to get your data back. Get in touch to find out more.


The data recovery process.

From initial consultation to ongoing support, more businesses and consumers choose Ontrack Data Recovery solutions and software to handle any data loss situation – from simple to the most complex and catastrophic.

Data Recovery Process

Join over a half million people and businesses who have trusted Ontrack to recover their data.


Start recovering your data!

Contact our team of experts. Ontrack accommodates everyone – from the largest government or enterprise organization to an individual who may have lost their digital photos and everyone in between.

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DIY data recovery.

If your storage device is working properly and without signs of physical damage, do-it-yourself data recovery is an option. Formatted drive? Deleted files? Software failure? Try our 'best in class' data recovery software.

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Hard drive and solid state drive.

Expert data recovery for HDD and SSD - Ontrack performs hard drive data recovery from any make, model, brand or operating system and have experience with all data loss scenarios.

HDD recovery SSD recovery


Start your data recovery now with a free consultation.

Contact our team of experts. Ontrack accommodates everyone – from the largest government or enterprise organization to an individual who may have lost their digital photos and everyone in between.

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