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Due to the relationship Ontrack has with AppleCare and Apple channel partners, your customer will retain their device’s warranty after any data recovery operation undertaken in our clean room.

Certified Macintosh Technician

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Services available for Apple channel partners

Ontrack EasyRecovery

Ontrack EasyRecovery: DIY data recovery software

Whether you buy it to provide the service to your customers or resell the solution to them, this simple yet complete software can recover deleted and logically damaged files.

Secure erasure

Does your client want to dispose of their old devices? Consider offering our reliable erasure solution that provides certification of the deletion for complete peace of mind.

Devices we can recover from

Mac Systems recoveryMac Pro® | Mac Mini® | MacBook® | MacBook Air®
MacBook Pro® | iMac® | G4® | G3® and earlier | Mac Pro®
Apple TV® | Time Capsule® | eMac® | PowerBook® | iBook®
Mac Servers recoveryXserve® | Xserve® RAID | Xsan®| Pegasus RAID
Mac Applications & Files recoveryMicrosoft Entourage® | iPhoto® | Apple Mail
Mac Operating Systems recoveryAll Mac OS including El Capitan 10.11| Mac Server OS 10.6.x | Xsan 1.x – 2.x
iPad® recovery
iPhone® recovery
  • Logical failure - all iPhones
  • Physical damage - all iPhones
iPod® recoveryShuffle® | Nano® | Classic® | Touch®

Frequently Asked Questions

Ontrack is the world’s leading data recovery provider, handling  50,000 recoveries globally every year. Ontrack is recognised by major hard drive manufacturers and is authorised by Apple to unseal storage media for recovery without voiding the warranty. Ontrack is also verified by AppleCare support and we have Apple Certified Macintosh Technicians on site.

As a Ontrack Authorised Partner, you can offer your clients world-class data management solutions. This can act as an additional revenue stream for your organisation, as we provide discounts or commissions for all of our products and services. You can also benefit from Ontrack’s knowledge within the industry; with 30 years’ worth of experience we are the oldest and largest data recovery company in the world. We can provide you with commercial and technical training to ensure that you are fully informed when speaking to your customers.

We can work with any Apple device, including iPhone, iPad, SSD and HSSD (hybrid) drives. See the full list.

If the client device is still under warranty, Apple and Ontrack have created an online Apple data recovery portal that can be used to book in a data recovery job (remember to note it down or bookmark it in your browser for easy access!).

It is important to fully complete the portal form, ensuring that the end user details have been logged. Once submitted, one of our data recovery consultants will give you a call to confirm the details and arrange for the device to be collected. You can then make the decision if you would like us to put the job in your organisation’s name or in your client’s name.

Using the Portal provides the following benefits:

  • As soon as your request has been registered in our system, Apple is automatically notified of the data recovery and the time for you to return the device back to Apple is extended
  • Free pickup and return shipping
  • Free backup media once the recovery has been completed
  • The Portal is only for devices that are under warranty and the free shipping is to/from your location.

If the client device is out of warranty, the easiest and quickest method would be to refer the client to us. Simply ask your client to call Ontrack and mention your company name/partner ID (contact us on +44 (0)1372 741 999 if you do not have this). We will deal with your client directly on your behalf, taking all the work off your hands. The recovery would be in your client’s name and we would contact them for updates/payment.

No, at Ontrack we only recover the data. We will attempt to repair a device to the point where a recovery can be forged, however the device itself will be returned in the same condition as it was received. We would usually send the recovered data back to the client on an encrypted external USB hard drive.

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