How it works

As a partner, you are entitled to a series of benefits, including commissions and discounts. Make sure you know how the process works by reviewing this handy infographic.

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Submit a new recovery

If you have a new data recovery request, click below to fill out our online form or call us directly on 1800 872 259.

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Data recovery capabilities

Find out more about our data recovery capabilities, what devices we can recover data from and the types of services we provide with this reference guide.

Overcoming customer objections

This quick guide shows you how to address common misunderstandings when discussing data recovery.

Reseller reference guides

These handy guides will help you understand how our products can resolve your customers’ data requirements, as well as giving you quick access to key product selling points.

Ontrack PowerControls for Exchange  Ontrack Eraser Degausser 

Promotional resources

These marketing resources can help you promote recovery services in your store and on your website.

Referral cards

Ensure your customers mention you referred them when contacting us, so you receive your commission (and they get a prioritised service).

Add your Partner ID and company name, print, cut out and hand to your customer. It's that easy.


Store poster

Let your customers know that you offer the best data recovery services in the market with these customisable posters.

Add your company logo, print out and place somewhere visible in your store.


Display a banner to start earning

The links contained below can be customised so that when visitors to your website click on the badge or link on your website and complete the 'Request for Quote', your referral details will be marked against any subsequent recovery job and you will automatically receive your commission as per the terms in your partnership agreement.

To use any of the banners below:

  1. Copy all of code from within the corresponding box for the banner that you wish to use.
  2. You will see within the code some text that says NUMBER GOES HERE. Replace this with your customer number, which will look like CUS1234567. Remember, to remove any leading or trailing spaces when entering your ID number as this can break the form. If you do not have your customer number/partner number then please contact us on 1800 872 259.
  3. Place the code on your website.

468px x 60px

Authorised Partner Web Banners

Let your clients know you are an Authorised Ontrack Partner.

300px x 250px

125px x 125px

120px x 600px

Free self-assessment tool

This unique tool that can help you diagnose data loss cases and get advice for each specific situation.

Embed a white label version of this tool on your website so that any of your customers that input their details will be tracked from your account (ensuring you get credited with a referral commission).

Embedding instructions

  • Go to
  • For Model & Workflow, select default
  • For Language, select en
  • For Theme, pick:
    • white-labelled - without the Ontrack logo
    • branded - with the Ontrack logo and copyright info
  • Under Advanced Options:
    • Select what width they want (accepts pixels & percentage, though if you use a percentage then the parent element will most likely need a width in pixels)
    • Language ID - en_GB
    • Site ID - 17
    • Partner ID - this is your customer number (this will look like CUS123456)

Note: if you wish to have the tool in another language or default the enquiry form within the tool country (set to British English and the UK in the instructions above), then get in contact with us and we can guide you on how to do so.