Seagate Technology, a world leader in storage technology, manufactures hard disk drives, solid state drives and hybrid drives for desktop, mobile, enterprise, portable consumer storage, and network storage devices.

Our expert engineers can recover lost pictures, documents, videos and files from any Seagate data storage device that have experienced either a physical or logical failure.

Data recovery for Seagate devices.

Our expert engineers can recover lost pictures, documents, videos and files from any Seagate data storage device that have experienced either a physical or logical failure.

We have over 30 years of experience in recovering data from even the most complex data loss scenarios. No matter what your situation, Ontrack can help.


What Seagate products are recoverable?

We offer data recovery services for any model or type of Seagate data storage device, including:

DesktopMobileEnterprisePerformance StoragePortable Consumer StorageNetwork Storage
EcoGreen F4 seriesSpinpoint M8 seriesSavvio® 15K seriesPipeline® HD seriesFreeAgent® GoFlex seriesBlackArmor® NAS series
Spinpoint F4 seriesSpinpoint MT2 seriesSavvio® 10K seriesSV32® seriesFreeAgent® series 
FAS3100 SeriesSpinpoint MP4 seriesCheetah® 15K seriesSeagate Secure® seriesGoFlex® for Mac series 
Spinpoint F3R series Cheetah® NS seriesSeagate Pulsar® seriesSeagate Replica® series 
  Constellation® series Expansion® series 
  Constellation® ES series   
  Barracuda® ES.2 series   

What types of Seagate storage drives are recoverable?

Ontrack can recover from a variety of devices with different form factors and types:

  • PATA (Parallel ATA)
  • SATA (Serial ATA)
  • SATA (Serial ATA)
  • SAS (Serial Attached SCSI)
  • SCSI
  • SSD (Solid State Drive)
Seagate hard drive recovery

Seagate hard drive recovery services.

Trust Ontrack, the global leader in data recovery, to get your lost data back.

Any device.

We can recover data from any type or model of Seagate hard drive. If your drive is inside a laptop, desktop or RAID, we'll let you know if it can be removed first or if you need to send us the whole system to us.

Any situation.

We can recover from all types of data loss, including deletion, reformatting, electronics failure, physical damage, water or fire damage, viruses, corruption and much more. Whatever your situation, we can help.

Any time.

After over 30 years of data recovery expertise, we know that data loss doesn't wait for a good time. That's why we offer a range of service levels to help you recover lost data 24/7/365.

The data recovery process.

From initial consultation to ongoing support, more businesses and consumers choose Ontrack Data Recovery solutions and software to handle any data loss situation – from simple to the most complex and catastrophic.

Data Recovery Process

Join over a half million people and businesses who have trusted Ontrack to recover their data.

How to prevent Seagate data loss

Seagate storage devices are reliable and robust, however, data loss can, and does, happen. While it isn’t possible to totally avoid the risk of data loss, there are a number of steps you can take to reduce the chances of it happening. 

 Here are some tips to help avoid Seagate data loss:

  • Back up your files regularly
  • If you’re upgrading your software or hardware, make sure you’ve got a full backup in case you need to restore your data
  • Make sure you’ve got a firewall and anti-virus protection in place
  • Regularly delete any files or applications you no longer need
  • Keep your Seagate storage device in clean, dry conditions and ensure the temperature is stable.

Even if you follow all these tips, data loss can still happen. If you need help restoring data from your Seagate storage device, our team of data retrieval experts in Canada are ready and waiting to help you get your files and data back.

External Hard Drive plugged into a laptop


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