Time is the enemy when a data loss occurs in cloud storage, especially in a multi-tenant environment.

To increase the success of any cloud recovery, stop writing to the affected volume and contact a data recovery professional with experience in cloud recovery immediately.

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The Ontrack Advantage

We have the experience and proprietary technology to recover your data from cloud services.

We have recovered data for customers with cloud service platforms at every level - from small development project cloud uses to secondary infrastructure deployments, and even nationwide smartphone data servers supporting millions of mobile phone users.

Cloud solutions for all platforms and data loss situations.

We recover from all cloud platforms and any type of data loss. This chart has the common cloud platforms and typical data loss scenarios with each.

Cloud Platform
Data Loss Situation
Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
  • Logical volume overwrite
  • Overwritten data files
  • Deleted files
  • Deleted partition or logical volume
  • Accidental volume reformat
  • Snapshot management corruption
  • Hardware failure
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Dropped database
  • Dropped tables
  • Deleted row data
  • System table corruption
  • Corrupt database file
  • Hardware failure
Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  • Deleted partition or logical volume
  • Accidental volume reformat
  • Snapshot management corruption
Cloud Storage
  • Logical volume overwrite
  • Overwritten data files
  • Deleted files
  • Deleted partition or logical volume
  • Accidental volume reformat
  • Snapshot management corruption

Data recovery process for cloud.

A successful recovery of cloud data requires remote access through your administrator account and verification of the storage device or system and the file system that contains the requested data.

Data Recovery Steps


Stage 1

Target LUN, iSCSI* LUN identification and low-level RAID verification at the storage block level.

Stage 2

Datastore volume file system indices are checked for meta-data-to-data stream integrity.**

Stage 3

Guest file system and contents are verified.

Stage 4

File listing of all recoverable data is completed.


* iSCSI LUNs are reliant upon the SAN's internal file system to manage the data. Data loss within this type of logical storage may require access to the SAN's volume where the iSCSI files are stored.

** Target volumes that reside within virtual disk files are dependent upon the hypervisor's datastore file system to manage the data. Data loss at the hypervisor volume level or within the guest's virtual disk file may require additional engineering effort to complete the evaluation.

Recovery solutions for the cloud.



In-Lab or Cleanroom

Cloud storage providers can experience hardware failures just like any other data storage provider. If the hardware has been physically damaged or suffered a mechanical failure, an in-lab or cleanroom recovery may be required.


Remote Data Recovery

Remote Data Recovery is the best option for cloud recovery due to the speed of the recovery process. It is the fastest was to access and recover your data. This cloud recovery is completed via a secure internet connection using proprietary tools. This method is not only quick, but cost-effective as well.

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If the hardware at the cloud storage provider has failed and cannot be moved off-site due to it's physical size or security reasons, an onsite recovery is required. Our engineers are able to recover data onsite and, in most cases, complete the recovery within 48 hours of their arrival.

The data recovery process.

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Data Recovery Process

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Step 3

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