Ontrack Successfully Recovers Data from iPhone 5.

Feb 20, 2020

The Situation

Customer Testimonial

“I was taking video of my [then] 7 month-old in the bathtub, and of course, ended up dropping my phone in the tub! It was completely soaked. I tried all the usual tricks like putting it in rice, etc., but nothing worked. So we contacted a couple of data recovery companies for quotes, and ended up sending it to a company other than Ontrack. We were told initially by the other data recovery company that there was an 85-90% chance of recovering the data. We paid a deposit to have it sent to this other company, who we later found out sent the phone to Canada to have it diagnosed. After all that, they came back and said the phone was unrecoverable. We ended up losing the deposit, and having them send the phone back to us. We decided to send it to Ontrack for a second opinion. We wanted to work with a well-known company that absolutely knew what they were doing if we were going to take another chance. We had Ontrack evaluate the phone and they were able to recover all the photos! We were so happy. There were over 2,500 memories that we never would have been able to recreate. We couldn’t have gotten them back without Ontrack.” - Stacy Holm

Case Details

■ iPhone 5 recovery needed due to water damage to the PCB.

■ Ontrack’s expert engineers were able to perform repairs to the PCB utilizing the company’s proprietary data recovery methods.

■ 17GB of data was recovered from the phone which consisted of approximately 2,500 files.

The Solution

With the implementation of newer, more secure technology, it is more difficult to recover data from the iPhone 5.

Ontrack had to make extensive repairs to the device. Even after the physical restoration was complete, there were still logical failures within the device. Despite these logical faults, Ontrack was able to recover all of the requested data from the phone. The entire recovery only took two days and Ontrack succeeded where the competition had failed.

The Resolution