If your device has been damaged by water, heat, or fire, or it’s been dropped or suffered any other type of damage, we can help you get your data back.

At Ontrack, we perform data recovery from damaged devices of any make, model, brand, or operating system. For 35 years, we have remained the world leader for recovering from all types of data loss. We’ll provide a free analysis and a fixed quote. No obligation, no hidden costs. 

What sort of damage do you need help with?

What types of damage can cause data loss?

Water damage - When water comes into contact with your electronic device, it affects both the external electronics and the internal hardware. The water gets everywhere and can cause corrosion. There are different types of water damage – general water damage, flood damage, and saltwater damage.

Fire damage - Heat damage caused by fire can damage the devices external and internal electronics. The amount of damage will depend on the intensity of the heat. In addition to the heat damage, smoke can also get into the device’s hard drive, making the platters difficult to read.

Heat damage - Heat damage is often caused by fire, but it can also be caused by elements within the device overheating. Overheating can reduce the space between the read/write heads and platters and, if they come into contact with each other, data may be lost.

Lightning strikes and power surges - A power surge is a sudden spike of electrical current in your home or office. Although power surges don’t last long, they can cause significant damage and data loss.

Storm and floods - Flood and storm damage can be more severe than general water damage because the device is likely to have been submerged for longer and in different types of water.

Drops or physical damage - Dropping your device can cause major damage. Even if it doesn’t look as though the device is damaged from the outside, the internal damage can be significant and result in the loss of data.

However your device has been damaged, we can help restore your data. Get in touch to arrange a free evaluation. 

We recover data from damaged devices 


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Here’s how we recover data from your damaged device

We recover your lost data in four simple steps



Contact us 24/7 worldwide to obtain a free data recovery consultation and written price quote.


Free Evaluation

Evaluations are fast and free. Once we receive your device, our engineers recommend the best solution, send a fixed price quote and an overview of service levels and delivery schedules.


Data Recovery 

With your approval, we recover your data based on your chosen service level. Through our secure portal you can track the status of your recovery and view a list of recoverable files. 


Data Return 

Once your data has been recovered, we’ll send it back to you on an encrypted external device via next day delivery free of charge. 

How fast do you need your data back?

We understand that your device is damaged, timing can be critical. So we offer a range of different services to meet your needs. Choose from:


Average of 7-10 business days


Average of 2-3 business days


Average of 24 hours

Please note: These average turnaround times and can vary depending on the severity of the damage, the quantity of data, and data transfer speeds. 

We will recover your data

Eagerness to access lost data leads many people to attempt to fix their devices themselves, or take them to general IT support providers rather than experienced data recovery experts. And, while you might think it’s ‘worth a try’ before you do anything more serious, these methods can cause more harm than good and may even lead to permanent data loss.

So, before you try putting your water damaged device into the freezer for a ‘quick fix’ or opening a device with physical damage up at home, give us a call – we’ll be more likely to get your data back if we’re starting from scratch.

Damaged hard drive data recovery

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